About Me

Description of Picture.With a last name of WOOD it only seemed right that my hobby should involve working with wood. Over the years years I tried different things but kept coming back to caricature carving . That's not to say I don't enjoy doing other craft. I still dabble in intarsia, relief carving, pyrography....really anything that looks interesting. I remember the first thing I made was an ornamental bowl using rudimentary tools and chisels. I don't even remember what possessed me to do it but I was certainly pleased with the results. Looking back at my early work makes me cringe but I reassure myself that they weren’t really that bad and describe them as “having a simple rustic charm”.

A self taught carver, along the way I have amassed an extensive library of books as well as accumulating a large assortment of carving chisels, tools and knives. After all, he who dies with the most tools wins.

Many of my caricatures and craft work are motorbike related...... I do like my bikes. There are enough characters in the motorcycling fraternity to provide an endless supply of caricature material.

As I carved over the years I usually forgot to take pictures so this web site has been setup to  hopefully remind me to record my work and showcase it online. Updating the site will be a long term project so please check back regularly for updates.

If you would like to contact me or provide feedback please email me :   contact@noelwood.com