Ape hangers

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Medium:  Jelutong / english lime / metal tubing
                Hand painted with acrylic paints
Height:   18cm (7")
Width:    36 cm  (14.25")
Depth:     10 cm  (4")

Jelutong was used for the biker and bike except  the forks which were made from English Lime as it is more resistant to breakage on long thin pieces. The handlebars were constructed from metal tubing.
In biker slang, "ape hangers" are very tall handle bars so-called as they give a rider  the appearance of being an ape hanging from a bar.

And this biker is the epitome of cool. Arms reaching for the sky, armpits free in the breeze. His bike is low and long. Well, the extended forks are definitely long. Who needs front brakes or a bike that handles when everyone knows that Image is everything.